Penn Plax E2 Cuttlebone Natural Flavour 2 pack 13cm Bird Treat

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Penn Plax E2 Cuttlebone Natural Flavour Bird Treat
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Penn Plax E2 Cuttlebone Natural Flavour 2 pack 13cm Bird Treat


Penn Plax E2 Cuttlebone provides a natural source of calcium, minerals and micro-trace elements for egg layers including birds and invertebrates/reptiles with shells. These cuttlebones are enriched with Oyster Shells, Omega 3, Honey and Vitamin B1. They also help beak maintenance by providing a hard surface to gnaw on. Cuttlefish bone is a long-standing method of providing extra calcium to tortoises and turtles, as it floats readily in water. Despite its high calcium content, cuttlefish bone is poorly absorbed and therefore should not be the sole source of calcium supplementation. Containing 2 cuttlebones per pack with a natural flavour Penn Plax E2 is a necessity for any bird loving owner.


  • Calcium & mineral supplement for birds, invertebrates & reptiles
  • Natural flavour to encourage use
  • Helps with beak maintenance

Size Guide:

2 Pack

6 Pack

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