It could be a birthday, adoption day celebration or obedience school graduation; in any case, your prized pooch’s big day is approaching. What better way to celebrate than by throwing a DIY doggy party? Just like a kid’s birthday, there’s bound to be excitement, treats, cake, games and much planning to be done. Fortunately, Pets Love Zone is here to take some of the guess work out of the big day for you and help you along your way to hosting one of the most sensational soirees known to man’s best friend.

First and foremost are three words: location! location! location! To ensure you make the most of your big day, choose your venue wisely. It needs to be a fully enclosed area (to avoid escapees!) but one with plenty of room for games and hooning. If your own private backyard is not suitable, think about a nearby dog-friendly park or venue. Once you’ve settled on your special spot, the preparations can begin. This means you can get stuck on the guest list and invitations.

For your pooch’s big day, choose their buddies wisely! Perhaps stick to inviting the furry friends who have been well socialised with one another before. This assists by (helps in) eliminating the tantrum factor, which can rear its head at any such occasion, throwing your dog’s big day into chaos. When you are satisfied with your guest list, you can get free personalized e-invitations (for the humans) through the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) website here:

We’re guessing by now that you’re wondering about catering and what doggylicious food and cake ideas are available. Never fear! FoodieDog is here:

For everything from edible birthday cards to doggy birthday cakes (complete with candles), head to FoodieDog by Diamond Dog Food and Bakery.  Some of our own Pets Love Zone pets have given this marvellous local (to Melbourne) doggy catering company the four paws up. With everything from pupcorn to Lolly Dogs party mixes (for lolly bag inspiration), your job is made easy.

Of course, a pooch party would not be complete without some games, so let’s think about this for a moment. For a touch of glitz and glamour, consider asking that furry friends come dressed up and offer prizes for categories like classiest canine, poshest pooch or hottest diggity dog. Another good and easy game to play is Bark in the Park! Let all the dogs get their woof on, and the best or loudest bark wins. Other games could include treasure hunts or even an agility course. The options really are endless!

As for a present for your pampered pooch on the big day, head to our own Pets Love Zone toy, bedding or clothing departments for inspiration. Do you want a fuzzy toy, new bed or even some clothing delivered to your door for your pooch? Heck yes! By now, you’re thinking you have this pooch party plan caper well and truly under control, right? How easy is this(that)? Now, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the big day to make sure your best mate has the time of his or her life. And when the big day finally arrives, don’t forget yourself. You deserve to enjoy this, too. Don’t forget to have a ball (literally)!