Cats, like humans, have personalities that vary from moggie to moggie. However, the two things that makes our feline friends incredible are their unique behaviour and traits that keep pet ownership interesting. These endearing traits further cement our friend’s paw prints eternally in our hearts. Are you yet to have come across a cat without it’s own unique brand of cattitude? Either way, read on…

Cattitude can manifest itself in different ways, as we shall explore. But one of the most common forms of cattitude manifests in the old classic- the ‘midnight dash.’ Suddenly in the dead of night, under the cover of darkness, witching hour strikes and your feline friend undertakes dramatic impromptu laps of the house. Crashing ensues and the circus does not stop until every member of the family is awoken. When you finally manage to get to sleep, you feel a paw on your cheek, and perhaps a slight claw if you don’t rouse easily. By now you would have learnt this is a signal to either move over and share the pillow or lift up the doona so your cat can crawl under to keep warm. 

Meal time antics include demanding alternate menu options, and suddenly on a whim changing their food tastes. You may be forced to do an emergency run for an undoubtedly more upmarket food product. A better example of cattitude still, is when there is a sudden swiping of a culinary delight off your own dinner plate when you’re not looking. Most of us have been there, that dinner smelt great, pity we didn’t get to eat it.

Next comes play time and the at-random-anti-social-abuse factor. You are having a lovely time, all is well in the world and then you pat your feline friend and suddenly it  pounces and nips you on the hand, or even more dramatically scratches you, before remaining aloof for a few hours, for reasons unbeknown to human kind. 

Intriguingly, cats have a way of cementing their place in a household. Many show the home’s beloved dog(S) who is The Boss. A quick hiss and swipe asserts their authority and any pooches (relegated to ground level, without the jumping agility of the cat) is left down a rung in the pecking order.

In my humble opinion, cattitude is like an indoctrinated part of our feline friend’s personality. It’s also a way in which they can keep their owners on their toes. Though some of these behaviours may be bewildering, they also keep life interesting enough to have us coming back for more. Really, if you’re honest, how much more do you appreciate a good cuddle after your cat has been behaving in a manner which is aloof, even for the shortest periods? It’s as though there is an unwritten rule book for cats we don’t know about, which explains that every day is Caturday, and that calls for some extra cattitude.