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ADVANCE has been developed with WALTHAM, "The world's leading authority on petcare and nutrition". ADVANCE is manufactured by MARS®Petcare with over 45 years manufacturing experience right here in Australia.

ADVANCE is the most tested super premium pet food in Australia designed specifically for Australian pets, our unique climate and lifestyle.

We use the highest quality ingredients from approved suppliers and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) quality systems to ensure your pet gets the best possible food to lead a healthy long life.

Designed for Australian pets Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth, generally the climate is warm and temperate. Australians love being outdoors as a result of the climate and easy access to wide open spaces. We share this lifestyle with our pets as well and as a result some of their needs differ from pets living in other countries. These being:

·  Feeding guides will differ dependent on - Summer & Winter or where the pet is kept (Indoors Vs Outdoors).

·  Mixed feeding is more important - More dry in winter and more wet food in summer.

·  Our climate can have and impact on

o    Skin & Coat Health

o    DNA Damage

o    Joint Health

o    Hydration

For these reasons ADVANCE has been developed using global science and is tested locally to ensure it meets the needs of Australian pets.

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Black Hawk

Black Hawk has a range of dog food to suit most breeds and life stages of your pet. Our Original Recipes are highly palatable and offer an affordable, super premium diet. The added benefit of brown rice and other digestible grains are an excellent source of carbohydrates. For dogs who may have an intolerance to grains in their diet, we also have a range of Grain Free Recipes to cater to these needs.

Grain Free Dog Food

Black Hawk understands that not all dogs function as well with grains in their diet. So we developed a Grain Free range to cater especially for those needs. Our Grain Free Dry Food range is designed as a complete and balanced meal, high in protein but low in fibre. All our recipes meet the AAFCO standards for growth and maintenance of puppies and dogs.

To compliment our Grain Free dry food, we have also developed a range of Grain Free Wet Food that delivers all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for a happy, healthy pet.


Black Hawk has a range of cat food for all life stages of your pet. We have a range of Original Recipes designed to satisfy the fussiest of felines with the added benefit of brown rice, which supplies natural dietary fibre for healthy digestion. Some cats do not respond well to added carbohydrates in their diet, for this reason we have developed a Grain Free option to satisfy their more specific dietary needs.

Grain Free Cat Food

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they require meat as the basis of their diet. Black Hawk understands not all cats function well with grains in their diet, so we’ve developed a range of Grain Free cat food for all life stages of cats and kittens. High in protein and low in fibre, our recipes are designed to meet the AAFCO standards for growth and maintenance of kittens and cats.

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CANIDAE offers a grain-free diet

Our customer asked for all natural, holistic grain-free pet foods. We responded by consulting with our nutritionists and veterinarians to develop two new CANIDAE grain free formulas: CANIDAE Grain-Free Salmon and CANIDAE Grain-Free All Life Stages. These grain-free diets are formulated for dogs that do not tolerate grain well, are prone to dietary allergic reactions, and require a higher level of meat protein in their diets.

Traditionall, CANIDAE has offset the abundance of meat protein in its foods by including nutritious grains or starches. For many dogs this provides an optimal blend of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Some dogs however can benefit from a further increase in meat protein and a complete absence of grains of any kind. In these grain-free formulas, the carbohydrates are derived from sources like potatoes and peas instead of grains.

Our CANIDAE Grain-Free All Life Stages diet is an optimal blend of multiple meat sources. With a protein level of 34% and fat at 18% you will need to make sure your dog can tolerate that high a level of protein and adjust the intake to your dog’s nutritional needs. Our CANIDAE Grain-Free Salmon diet yields a protein level of 40% with fat at 20%. Because Salmon yields such a high meat protein value and we utilize a low starch offset, this product is much higher in protein than our other formulas. We feel as though very sensitive dogs, higher stress dogs, and underweight dogs will benefit from our CANIDAE Grain-Free Salmon formula.

These grain-free foods may not be suitable for all dogs. It is always best to consult with your veterinarian before making a substantial change to your dog’s diet.

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At Eukanuba, our philosophy on nutrition has not wavered for 40 years: we feed cats and dogs how we believe nature intended them to eat.

A cornerstone of our nutritional philosophy is that cats and dogs evolved from carnivores and should be fed accordingly. That's why we use only high-quality animal proteins, mainly chicken or lamb – not vegetables – as the principal source of protein in Eukanuba food. Our contribution to nutritional science has helped millions of pets be the best they can be. Our nutritional range includes special veterinary prescription diets and tailored nutrition for life stage, breed size, sensitivities and activity levels.

Eukanuba’s knowledge and respect for the different nutritional needs of different breeds has led to partnerships with breeders and their key organizations.We are “Partners of Excellence” with many European kennel federations including ‘The Kennel Club’.Additionally, we are also working in partnership with several highly recognized and trusted canine organizations such as the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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Hill's employs more than 150 veterinarians, Ph.D. nutritionists and food scientists who work every day around the world to create new products and improve existing ones that will help your pet live a long, healthy and full life. Hill's scientists author more than 50 research papers and textbook chapters each year and teach at leading schools of veterinary medicine all over the world so we can put our knowledge and expertise into every Hill's® pet food for you.

Our foods for dogs and cats are formulated for the optimal balance of nutrients and best taste. We know the best nutrition for your pet not only meets nutritional needs, but also avoids excess nutrients, such as fat and salt, that can be harmful over time.

Hill's long-term investment in learning, technology and talented scientists has helped us develop industry-leading product innovations, including the most extensive range of clinical nutrition products for sick, at-risk and healthy pets.

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For over 10 years, Holistic Select® has been creating natural, healthy pet food recipes for dogs and cats. Our commitment to natural nutrition, quality and digestive health guides the creation of all our pet food recipes and supplements. We believe strongly in our philosophy that total body health begins with digestive health for everyone in the family, including our pets.

Our pet food recipes combine our Unique Digestive Health Support System (with pre & probiotics, natural fibre, digestive enzymes and digestive botanicals) – along with healthy, natural ingredients like fruits & veggies, healthy proteins, whole grains and omega fatty acids.

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Paul F. Iams established his company based on a philosophy of innovation and a belief that an emphasis on advanced nutrition would lead to premium quality other pet foods lacked. Since then, we've enhanced the well being of dogs and cats worldwide by providing inventive and highly nutritious pet foods.

A Different Approach to Pet Food

Our nutritional difference is not only based on years of research and dedication to the health of pets. It comes from a different, innovative way of thinking about the dietary requirements and behaviors of dogs and cats and about a breakthrough approach to the value of advanced nutrition. We believe that the right diet can do amazing things for pets, like boost immunity, help burn fat, help maintain muscle and promote healthy digestion, aid in weight loss, reduce tartar build-up, and, in some instances, even nutritionally manage the progression of disease.

·  We were the first to:

·  Consider feeding cats and dogs as carnivores.

·  Develop dry, animal-protein based diets suited to the needs of dogs and cats.

·  Tailor formulas by life stage, even developing a puppy food that actually helps make puppies smarter and more trainable.

·  Develop formulas to meet common needs of pets and their owners, like cat food for multi-cat households, and formulas that help meet the needs of senior animals

It's this kind of thinking that has made us pet nutrition leaders, and these kinds of discoveries that have shaped the whole of the pet food industry. We hold multiple U.S. Patents, and have conducted research that has led to industry-wide acceptance of our health advances. We're very proud of these contributions, which have helped improve the health of pets worldwide.

Quality First

Quality is at the core of our business. When it comes to our products, we only use high quality ingredients. Our motto: never cut corners—never compromise.

We abide by incredibly high standards to ensure the quality and safety of our ingredients to make sure our nutritious formulas are healthy and safe for pets. We insist on constant and rigorous ingredient inspections throughout the manufacturing process, from initial truckload sample screenings to the moment our pet food bags leave the plant. We run more than 120 quality assurance tests on each bag of Iams pet food. We also pull product samples for complete nutritional analysis of each batch of formula produced, and all of our ingredients are evaluated based on strict nutritional quality and safety specifications.

It is this commitment to innovation and quality that defines Iams, from our pioneering research in nutrition to our high standards of safety and ingredient testing, to our efforts to help pets worldwide live long and healthy lives.

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Science-Based Nutrition


Formulating the best, premium pet nutrition in the world is no simple task. Each of our diets is made up of nutrients that must be included in precise balance to supply the most effective nutrition for cats and dogs of different sizes, ages, breeds and lifestyles, and with specific needs.

Four Goals for Health Nutrition

Our goal is to provide every cat and dog with the nutrition that is precisely right for their individual needs – needs that vary with the pet’s breed, environment, age, weight, gender, digestion, genetic makeup and lifestyle.

1.    Body development and maintenance: Amino acids, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids meet the basic nutrition requirements for healthy physical development and maintenance. 

2.    Energy provision: Protein, carbohydrates and fat provide energy to cats and dogs. 

3.    Prevention: Some nutrients are incorporated (antioxidants, prebiotics, fibre, essential fatty acids, etc), to help assist such risks as kidney disease, digestive problems and the effects of ageing.

4.    Special care: Certain nutrients are added and others limited in diets to support the therapeutic or convalescence process, which may help cats and dogs recover from various ailments. 

Kibble Science

What’s in a dry food kibble (i.e. biscuit)? More than you might think.

Kibble Shape and Size

Royal Canin is a leader in kibble research and development. Extensive development at the Royal Canin campus in France and use of advanced equipment such as the Texturometer – a tool that measures kibble hardness and the amount of force required to chew or break it – allow us to create specifically shaped kibble to meet the needs of different breed's ability to pick-up and chew our product.

We also take size, shape, texture and density into consideration when developing our kibble and adapt it to the specific characteristics of each dog or cat breed's needs. Labrador Retrievers, for example, are known for eating food very quickly,without chewing. Through extensive research, we developed a doughnut-shaped kibble that is designed to encourage chewing and works to slow down the speed of ingestion.

The Persian cat, on the other hand, is known for its long, beautiful coat and flat (brachycephalic)face. Persians use the lower part of their tongue to pick up kibble, so we created an almond-shaped kibble that is easier for them to eat.

A cat or dog’s size and age is important when it comes to kibble size and texture. For example, the kibble for a giant breed adult dog is much larger and more brittle than the kibble for a miniature breed puppy, which needs smaller, softer pieces.

So why is having specialised kibble shapes so important?

Because the kibble's shape and size can impact many things like :

·  Dental health - It is important that the cat or dog’s teeth penetrate the kibble so that a 'brushing effect can be achieved. This may help to reduce plaque, which can lead to tartar and encourages good oral health.

·  Digestion - The more a cat or dog has to chew the kibble, the slower the ingestion speed, which can aid in digestion.

·  Satisfaction - Kibble density can help to alleviate hunger between meals by creating a sense of fullness. This can help cats and dogs feel satisfied and helps maintain a healthy weight.

·  Palatability - Dogs and especially cats are sensitive to how a food feels in their mouths. The right kibble or kibble texture can help accentuate a food’s flavour and can help to positively enhance the feeding experience.

We do not develop our foods based on buyer (human) trends, but instead develop every diet according to what we learn from cats and dogs. That is why you'll never find Royal Canin kibble shaped like tiny bones or fish: We make different types of uniquely shaped kibble specifically designed for the needs of your cat or dog.

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