In the 1940s, jazz was evolving, and with it, its own unique language. Eukanuba (“You-Kan-Noo-Bah”) was one word that grew out of the jazz culture. It was reserved for something that was “the tops” or “supreme”– whether it was the latest song or a fast car.


In 1969, the founder of Eukanuba was looking for a memorable name for his new dog food formula. The quality of his food was unmatched; now all he needed was a name that was just as special. He named the product Eukanuba. And so the history of Eukanuba began.


Today, Eukanuba is still “the tops”. Using high-quality ingredients, it’s uniquely customized for your breed’s individual needs. So when you reach for a bag of Eukanuba, you can be sure your dog is getting our best.