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The technology that cares

PETKIT is a high-tech company dedicated to creating all sorts of high-end smart products for pets. Founded in 2013, the company has rapidly developed into one of the leading technology firms in the pet industry.Thanks to the major developments in mobile internet, sensor technology, cloud computing and big data, it has become easier than ever to create innovative products.

Innovation, the core principle of PETKIT, is the source of using the latest technology to create innovative and affordable products for pets and their owners, which perfectly indicates the slogan “the technology that cares”.

PETKIT believes in a healthy degree of transparency. Their technology is only available to manufacturers. Also, technology ‘whiz kids’ are encouraged to use the technology to create innovative products for pets.
With this concept the company strives to expand the number of high-tech products for the pet market. In the vision of the company, by providing convenience to pet owners, the problem of stray dogs and cats can be tackled from the source.